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Lean MES Open Source Code Library

The following Read-Only credentials (login: mes  pwd: 123) allow access to the source code REPOSITORY
located at: https://aat.dyndns.biz/websvn/ . On certificate warning (self-signed) accept and/or add exception to continue.

The Open.FMF is a default repository. Demo repository is WebSVN demonstrator, currently empty.
Uplink is limited to 128 KByte/s.

Alternatively, SVN compatible clients may be used, for instance;
-TortoiseSVN (Windows) http://tortoisesvn.net
-RabbitVCS (Linux) http://rabbitvcs.org/,
 -Versions (OSX) http://versionsapp.com/ -commercial.
The following link: https://mes@aat.dyndns.biz/svn/Open.FMF may be used in compatible SVN client(s) to connect.

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Example of rapid replication technique for OPTO22 PACs may be seen in this video:
The following items are subjects for upcoming migration to the repository.

1. FMF Extencible Instruction Handler Template.
2. Balogh BIET170 RFID FMF Device Driver Template. Manufacturer Site, click for Product Overview.
3. Atlas Copco Open Protocol Device Driver (interoperable with Stanley Alpha).
4. Banner Vision Sensor Device Driver for PresencePLUS P4 and P4 COLOR Series.
5. AB SLC and Micrologix series Device Driver DF-1 RS-232 over Ethernet Encapsulation.
6. Simple OPTO22 EchoTcpServer for Single Client.
7. Prototype Windows Service TcpXcoN for TCP-IP communication with OPTO22 PACs and beyond.
8. Random Number Generator for PLC (RSLogix5000).