Lean MES Open Source Manufacturing Execution System
Flexible Manufacturing Solutions through Open Standards and Free Software....
Supported Devices:


Available Types of Instructions:

1. PickToLight+Part Nr.Input,primary
or alternate for inventory depletion.

Part Nr.Input,primary or alternate
,for inventory depletion.

3. Serial Nr.Input validation,includes
intelligent masking & last n scans
audit options.

4. Open protocol Torque Tool
& traceability.Includes
lock tool on complete option.

PickToLight+Part Nr.Input,variant
for 32-bit output modules.

6. Display up to (x) orders in queue,
follow the current order.

7. Send and receive ASCII data(s)
to/from programming device.

8. Print/Re-Print label.

9. Send and receive data(s) to/from
device over DF1 protocol.

10. Pre-configured value input.

11. PickToLightCurtain or prx sensor.

12. PickToLightCurtain or prx sensor,
variant for 32-bit i/o modules.

13. Input circuit Test/Continuity Test.

14. Digital i/o Torque Tool
with pass/fail

15. Vision system management with
pass/fail traceability.

16. Informational (view only).

17. Auto instruction, self contained,
does not require operator input.

Instruction Input uses ether barcode reader, or keyboard/touch screen or
data from external device(s) or

FMF Flexible Manufacturing Framework Architechure

Extensibility: Template Link

Assembly Work-Cell flow chart in development environment