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MES Change Management (Prototype-Test-Release-Change Cycle)

1. Tool(s), Strategy, Regulations.

2. Infrastructure(s) and Scope.

3. Control of Logic Change(s) in Production Environment Automation Controller(s).
    3.1 Controlled Expected change(s), e.g. Prototype, Test, Release -Commenced centrally.
    3.2 Uncontrolled Unexpected change(s), e.g. Break-Fix, Maintenance -Commenced locally.
    3.3 Case: Change Management Solution with RSMACC (Rockwell Software Maintenance Automation Control Center)
          3.3.1 Configuring version control system for AB Industrial programming Controllers using RSMACC Archive module.
          3.3.2 Using RSMACC version control system with AB Industrial programming Controllers and files.

4. Control of Production Application(s) Change(s).
    4.1 Controlled (central repository).
          4.1.1 Case of Enterprise change management model for Applications and PACs  with Apache Subversion.
                   Coming soon...
    4.2 Uncontrolled (thick clients).

5. Typical Algorithm for New Station and/or Change(s) deployment for both; PAC Logic and Application(s)  (Fig.1).