Lean MES Open Source Manufacturing Execution System
Flexible Manufacturing Solutions through Open Standards and Free Software....

MES Page (describes major MES components or elements) Examples:

Material Handling and Storage
   - Warehouse Management

[OM] Order Management and Scheduling

[EM] Execution Model
   - Engineering BOM (Recipes)
   - Manufacturing BOM (Routing)
   - Assemblies and Instructions

   [EM].[OE] Order Execution (includes JIT, Batch and Error-Proofing)
      - source for: Quality (includes Alerts, Traceability, Calibration)
      - source for: Production Status (includes Downtime, Root Cause Fault)
      - Plant Floor Devices and Cells Integration
      - MES Communication Driver for Automation Controller' I/Os.
      - Operator Authentication
Maintenance (scheduled, preventive and reactive)

[CM] Change Management and Source Control

   - [OI] Operator Interface for Real Time Order Execution
   - FIS (Factory Information System)
      - output for: Production Status/Andon
      - output for: Quality Analysis
      - output for: Material flow and stock

ERP Integration and Interfaces

Printing and Labeling

Infrastructure TCO analysis (to be continue...)
   - Error-proofing/Assembly stations. Price Comparison of SNAP/ControlLogix.
   - Energy/Process monitoring/control. Metering, Solar-panel arrays orientation and hazard weather damage prevention.
     Automated watering systems with computation using extended forecast and current conditions inputs Link.
     Hardware Price Comparison.