Lean MES Open Source Manufacturing Execution System
Flexible Manufacturing Solutions through Open Standards and Free Software....
Primary objectives of the LeanMES web project are to provide and serve the following:                                               [Back]

1. An alternative view for professionals who conducting MES and Flexible Manufacturing research for practical implementation.
2. Educational and training materials for system design and project management.
3. Free, reusable model including source code and examples to implement multiple aspects of MES.
4. Effective tool for maneuvering in convoluted environments of Industrial Automation and sustaining pressure of corporate sales.
5. Leveraging existing infrastructures and investments through development and commitment of/to internal standards.
6. Development a new kind of, Common Logic, Data and Interface friendly, automation resources.
7. Tool for identifying and removing redundant middleware and middleware in general.

Announcement!   March 4, 2011. The Agile Automation Technologies LLC (AAT LLC) is now owner of the Lean MES.
The AAT LLC is looking for investor(s) and partner(s) to continue development of FMF and provide services
in MES and Flexible Manufacturing areas.

Please submit your inquiries to:

Thank you!